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7 months into my coaching program with you and your team...

Dear JT,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I’m 7 months into my coaching program with you and your team. At the beginning of the year, I had several ideas, but no clear plan to execute. I now have formed a strong strategic partnership and have purchased 9 buy-fix-sell deals. Three are completed and are now on the market. In the process, I learned how to market, how to network for funding. I’ve raised 4M through partners, and am on track to raise another 5M before the end of the year. We have the deal-flow to support one new deal per week and growing. I’ve also become more focused. I eliminated all the distractions and have focused on driving this single business to the next level. My marketing is clear, simple, and on-message. With your help I broke down the barriers. The networking events in Las Vegas, New York, Toronto and Mega Partnering III all helped me strengthen my relationships. This has opened many doors for me.

Thanks JT.

- Victor M.