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JT’s Focus is on thinking strategically...

My husband and I have taken several real estate courses over the past few years and have found that some were better than others, as can be expected; however, the largest difference we found in learning from JT is that his focus is more in teaching us how to think strategically rather than simply learning the mechanics or technical aspects of a business. This is important because there is a certain vulnerability in exposing his own strategic thinking and taking people further into his own personal business models. By doing this, we learn more about negotiations, marketing, branding , delegation, networking and leadership skills. We personally admire this trait in JT because it shows he is not afraid to expose us to more of the psychology of business, and in the end, that is what we need to learn to master.

In addition, JT stresses the importance of loyalty and relationship-building. Others give this topic lip service, but JT is astute and knows who is loyal to his companies and ensures that doesn’t go unnoticed to the client. He has also surrounded himself with people who have complimentary skill sets to keep him on track.

His staff understands customer service. They actually answer the phone and treat you like a friend!

- Lisa R, Anchorage, AK