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The JT Foxx almost no one sees #3–Personal JT...

A side very few people have seen or even know exists.

This JT is loyal, has a heart of gold, and hates disappointing people, or receiving a complaint. In the end he is a prankster, always busting balls, the guy everyone wants to be his friend. This JT does not care about the money and he never has, and rather gives it to charity to make a difference in sick kids’ lives than his own. This JT spends very little and does not care about material stuff, Ferarris or 3 million dollar watches, even though he could afford them all day long. At the end to me it’s about feeling people out, it’s about getting to know them as Jack Welch said so well at Mega Partnering 8. The personal JT can’t sit still for more than a few movies and the only thing that makes his brain shut off is watching a movie at the end of the night. Watching it on an iPad on his bed and people pillows on the floor so when he falls asleep, the iPad falls on the pillow. This JT is a side very few people get to see and often before he closes his eyes he hears ”JT, JT, JT can you, JT I need, JT please….” Those echos are exhausting and scary for some, for JT it’s a sign that as long as he is needed, he will continue to do what he does best, powered by your success.