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JT reached deep into my core and shook my foundation

JT reached deep into my core and shook my foundation. Motivating me to take action in my life personally and in business. The brand I am is my personality and its worth knowing. Raymond helped me understand humility and honesty. Becoming teachable through listening and trusting in a man that reached the top of the mountain.

JT has transformed me

JT has transformed me from a self-employed business owner struggling to keep by business afloat to a successful and strategic entrepreneur who is respected by and connected to clients worldwide.

JT stretched my thinking from transactional to transformational

Over the course of the last three days:

JT made me uncomfortable, JT changed my business paradigm, JT put me on the spot and made me accountable, JT stretched my thinking from transactional to transformational, JT is changing my business and my life. I feel fortunate to have met JT

7 months into my coaching program with you and your team

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I’m 7 months into my coaching program with you and your team. At the beginning of the year, I had several ideas, but no clear plan to execute. I now have formed a strong strategic partnership and have purchased 9 buy-fix-sell deals.

Let JT transform your life forever

This is a totally unbiased review of JT Foxx Coaching.

JT’s system is just pure genius

I have been coached by JT for the past year. My background was in coaching football. I had a good skill set for many aspects dealing with Real Estate. I had many fears with not making it as we say. It changed my mind set.

JT Foxx is an excellent coach and speaker

It was a pleasure meeting a young energetic man who inspired me in so many ways in such a short time. JT is an excellent coach and speaker who is very straight forward and honest, not to mention, the sense of humor.

JT’s Focus is on thinking strategically

My husband and I have taken several real estate courses over the past few years and have found that some were better than others, as can be expected; however, the largest difference we found in learning from JT is that his focus is more in teaching us how to think strategically rather than simply learning the mechanics or technical aspects of a business.

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Imagine a young, dynamic, straight to the point business coach that demands better results for you. Well, I recently had the pleasure of his coaching. His name is JT and what he shared was leading edge in business and marketing secrets. These have worked for many of his clients, who were once non-existent to becoming world renowned brands!

JT already has had a big impact on me

My name is Danh (Johnny) Huynh, Im a 16 year old high school student. This week has been one of my biggest life changing thanks to Phill, JT, Mark, and Gorge. I came to America 5 years ago – up to this point no others had inspired me this much like everyone here did. In the future, I will apply what I have learned this weekend to my daily activities.