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Welcome to the JT Foxx Review Site, where you will be getting accurate verifiable reviews from real students of JT Foxx. In a world where 90% of people go to review sites for validation or information, yet 70% of the information is false. Many of the review sites are nothing more than competitors making up false reviews, half truth and libelous claims in attempt to discredit their opponents. This site is made up for reviews from students who have attended the trainings, coaching or had experience with one of my companies.

Happy people don’t usually go online to post their happiness about a product or service, but if you ask them, like we have in this case, we were overwhelmed with hundreds and hundreds of amazing testimonials.

The JT Foxx almost no one sees #3–Personal JT

A side very few people have seen or even know exists. This JT is loyal, has a heart of gold, and hates disappointing people, or receiving a complaint. In the end he is a prankster, always busting balls, the guy …

The Real JT Foxx #2–Business JT

Some may see this as a complaint but I see it as a winning attribute, JT Foxx business is ruthless. powerful, doesn’t forget anything, is always thinking 8 moves ahead, and will out-work, out-think, out-foxx anyone of his competitors. HE expects 110% at all times and his desire …

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