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Fighting back against BOGUS JT Foxx fraud complaints and lawsuits...

Being an entrepreneur or a real estate investor is not easy and being in the age of the internet reputational capital has never more important. Anyone these days can post any lies or make false accusations. In fact, according to a recent study, 70% of people actually believe online posts regarding an individual. That’s insane, considering you can make something up about anything or anyone and post it to complaints.com.

For example, if you save a woman from foreclosure, she is happy as can be. You videotape the closing, she signs a testimonial but 6 months later you are the bad guy because a friend or family member says to them “You should have done X.” Well, where they when this women was losing her home? In fact, this woman waited until 3 days before losing her home before calling us in 2005. Well, she sued us; next, it made the internet rounds and made me out to be the bad guy. Well I won, but no one ever reports on that because if it bleeds, it leads.

JT Foxx Responds to Internet Rumors

When competitors go on Rip Off sites and post BS comments saying I defrauded and post my personal cell and home address maliciously, it hurts me. But my true clients know how much I care and treat them like family but unfortunately, someone who doesn’t know you will be quick to judge.

My coaches, mentors and advisors tell me that the higher the monkey climbs up the tree, the more his ass shows. That may be true, but when you win the lawsuits, no one writes about that or when you lose business because a competitor posts a false report and you can’t take it down, that just shows you the times we are living in.

I will always fight for my partners, students or anyone in distress to do what’s right. I go to bed at night knowing that I do business in an ethical manner. If anyone ever has a problem you, can email me personally at [email protected] and I will personally resolve any problems.

Here is my advice to you. If you are going to be a real estate investor you will get sued, it’s the nature of the game. If you are in the public eye, radio, speaking or successful entrepreneur you will get sued. Try to fight whenever you can, but more importantly, document everything like we do, videotape all of your closings like we do and keep being 110% ethical and never cross that line.

Don’t believe everything you read and don’t let the jealous people, detractors and vindictive competitors slow you down.

JT Foxx
Fighting against the Scams, Frauds and Bogus Complaints.