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Some may see this as a complaint but I see it as a winning attribute, JT Foxx business is ruthless. powerful, doesn’t forget anything, is always thinking 8 moves ahead, and will out-work, out-think, out-foxx anyone of his competitors. HE expects 110% at all times and his desire to be #1, tocontinuously innovate, and keep proving people wrong is unparalleled. JT Foxx

business has one goal–billionaire–and it looks with my new company this actually may happen very shortly. JT business may be so tough, but is extremely loyal and will never cross that line of ethics and will never attack unless he is first attacked. He will protect the brand at all costs and if you will attack,you better make sure he is not getting back up because once he does, it’s over. For many years I have been coached on how to be nicer JT and which I did, but in the process I let that guard down where people took advantage. I remember when I got sued for sexual harassment by someone I never even meet 1-1 in person and they offered 100K to settle and I had done nothing wrong. My lawyers told me to settle because even though I was right, the media would have a field day. I refused and fought, costing me over 350K but I won and was proven right and her extortionist father and her got nothing. It’s not about the money for me, it’s the principle. I don’t just fight for my brand today, I fight for your long-term brand equity. Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs love JT business not only cause he makes them money, but also because what he says is what he does and he always delivers and if he has done something wrong, he will always apologize and make things right. I am not perfect and make mistakes and complaints like everyone else, the only difference is that I have 8 coaches to make sure that I almost make none. The last night of events, you will be surprised that Stage JT and Business JT will never be satisfied, no matter how much success, how much money I have it is never enough. It’s that same gene I am told that the likes of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, George Steinbrenner, and Larry Ellison have. It’s never good enough cause there is always more we could have done and there was always be a better way. To become successful you have to become uncomfortable, and if you are comfortable it is the beginning of the end. If you have ever the chance of being on the JT Foxx Business side, the only thing that matters is success and results and getting the job done.