The JT Foxx almost no one sees #3–Personal JT

A side very few people have seen or even know exists.

This JT is loyal, has a heart of gold, and hates disappointing people, or receiving a complaint. In the end he is a prankster, always busting balls, the guy everyone wants to be his friend. This JT does not care about the money and he never has, and rather gives it to charity to make a difference in sick kids’ lives than his own. This JT spends very little and does not care about material stuff, Ferarris or 3 million dollar watches, even though he could afford them all day long. At the end to me it’s about feeling people out, it’s about getting to know them as Jack Welch said so well at Mega Partnering 8. The personal JT can’t sit still for more than a few movies and the only thing that makes his brain shut off is watching a movie at the end of the night. Watching it on an iPad on his bed and people pillows on the floor so when he falls asleep, the iPad falls on the pillow. This JT is a side very few people get to see and often before he closes his eyes he hears ”JT, JT, JT can you, JT I need, JT please….” Those echos are exhausting and scary for some, for JT it’s a sign that as long as he is needed, he will continue to do what he does best, powered by your success.

The Real JT Foxx #2–Business JT

Some may see this as a complaint but I see it as a winning attribute, JT Foxx business is ruthless. powerful, doesn’t forget anything, is always thinking 8 moves ahead, and will out-work, out-think, out-foxx anyone of his competitors. HE expects 110% at all times and his desire to be #1, tocontinuously innovate, and keep proving people wrong is unparalleled. JT Foxx

business has one goal–billionaire–and it looks with my new company this actually may happen very shortly. JT business may be so tough, but is extremely loyal and will never cross that line of ethics and will never attack unless he is first attacked. He will protect the brand at all costs and if you will attack,you better make sure he is not getting back up because once he does, it’s over. For many years I have been coached on how to be nicer JT and which I did, but in the process I let that guard down where people took advantage. I remember when I got sued for sexual harassment by someone I never even meet 1-1 in person and they offered 100K to settle and I had done nothing wrong. My lawyers told me to settle because even though I was right, the media would have a field day. I refused and fought, costing me over 350K but I won and was proven right and her extortionist father and her got nothing. It’s not about the money for me, it’s the principle. I don’t just fight for my brand today, I fight for your long-term brand equity. Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs love JT business not only cause he makes them money, but also because what he says is what he does and he always delivers and if he has done something wrong, he will always apologize and make things right. I am not perfect and make mistakes and complaints like everyone else, the only difference is that I have 8 coaches to make sure that I almost make none. The last night of events, you will be surprised that Stage JT and Business JT will never be satisfied, no matter how much success, how much money I have it is never enough. It’s that same gene I am told that the likes of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, George Steinbrenner, and Larry Ellison have. It’s never good enough cause there is always more we could have done and there was always be a better way. To become successful you have to become uncomfortable, and if you are comfortable it is the beginning of the end. If you have ever the chance of being on the JT Foxx Business side, the only thing that matters is success and results and getting the job done.

Who is JT Foxx #1–Stage JT


, confident, entertaining and very quick-witted. My job on stage is not only to inspire but to dig deeper than you have ever gone and get that ultimate potential inside you. Love me or hate me, I don’t care anymore. I care about one thing, making sure I get the results done because at the end of the day, excuses in this world simply don’t cut it anymore. No one cares how good they are and the less excuses you have, the more successful you will become. When I teach I rarely teach the same thing twice, partly to fight boredom and make it fun for me but also to reward the countless number of people who keep coming back to my events over and over again. When I speak I am in a zone and I have one goal, powered by your success. When I go to bed at night, I don’t think how I can become more successful, I think of how I can help others get that first and I obsess about their success. I consistently am one of the best closers and speakers in the world not because I can sell but because my clients succeed. I don’t speak to make money, I speak to create a legacy and to open other doors that never would have opened had I not succeeded. I don’t care how long it takes, but I have stood in line for 2 hours for pictures because if it makes someone’s life or I can inspire them with that picture, then whom am I to say no. Rich or poor I treat everyone the same because my coaches once said to me that you never know who you are going to meet on the way up because often when you come down (we all do!), you will see these same people so watch how you act. To be honest I was an asshole for a very long time, not by purpose, because my whole life people have told me I won’t make it, everyone was always trying to bring me down, make up lies, and they all thought I would go away and I never did. Difference now is I stand before you with many many companies, over 500 properties and the title of the world’s # 1 coach. The difference in the last 2 years is that my coaches have asked me  to let that pain and chip on my shoulder all go. Today I stand before you happier than ever. Stage JT is all over the world, I have client success stories all over the world, and I am truly helping this planet to be a better place then when I first got here. Not bad for a stutterer and a loser up until about 8 years ago.

And yes I used to be an asshole–a very big one, but you have to understand that my whole life people told me I would never do it and all I wanted was acceptance from my parents, from the haters growing up, or the hundreds of girls I got rejected by in high school. But I realized that the day I became a millionaire, trying to prove people wrong was only making things worse. I needed to stop looking down for approval and instead look up. The day I did that a huge load came off my shoulders  and I became a better person. Stage JT does not need to prove anything to anyone anymore and the only person that can beat him is himself. I don’t complain about other speakers; I speak to make a difference and create my legacy. I don’t want to be known assomeone who made billions; I want to be know as someone who helped 1000 people become millionaires.