JT Foxx Scam Complaints Addressed

Our response to the JT Foxx Scam Complaints

We have all heard it before when people become successful, other people want to see them fail. With success comes jealousy and resentment, sometimes from people you don’t even know. This is what happened to JT Foxx when he became a well-known speaker, business coach, and investor. The more successful JT became, the more JT Foxx scam complaints started to appear on the internet. However, after a third-party investigation, the majority of these complaints were found to be false. So let’s try to understand why people would post those fake scam allegations.

Coaching is not a scam.

Reaction to JT Foxx scam statements

Why people hate the success of others

How come we find it hard to rejoice in other people’s success? Why do we rather hate the success of others, instead of learning from it to create our own success? Why is our response often driven by envy and jealousy?

In most cases, jealousy comes from a place of insecurity. Because we are insecure due to our own failings, which is why we can’t be happy when other people do succeed. Or, some people just believe they are entitled to success, regardless of what they do. The most successful people in the world are relatively unknown. Why? Because they are reluctant to make their success public because they know that by doing so, people will criticize them and potentially hurt their reputation. In Australia, they call it “tall-poppy syndrome”, when you stand out above the crowd and are “cut down” like the tall poppy by the others.

When the JT Foxx scam complaints were posted, JT was bothered by it at first. But his coach told him that these haters are like noisy crickets: you hear them, but you can’t see them. And when you walk past, they go silent. JT learned that the ones who left these unfounded scam complaints were either insecure about themselves or were unable to learn from other people.

“Someone successful doesn’t have the time to post long complaints about how unhappy to are with someone or something. They are too busy with their business. But unsuccessful people, who slouch on the couch, are the ones who have time to write lengthy fake scam complaints at 3 am at night.” – JT Foxx

So instead of being pushed in a corner, JT confronted some of these haters and asked them how they knew him, and why they said the things they said. And in almost all cases, they heard about him from someone else or were somehow influenced by other people’s opinions. So we want to encourage you to, instead of forming your opinion based on what other people think, come to one of our events, and decide for yourself if JT Foxx is a scam or not.

If you are someone who is attacked yourself, remember opponents are never satisfied. How do we know? Because even though JT Foxx created many jobs through his numerous businesses, they won’t acknowledge this. And even though he helps thousands of people every year to create their own success, they won’t give him any respect for that. So no matter what you do, they won’t be satisfied. They just want to see you fail, which is why they will continue to come after you. Until they get bored.

How JT feels about the JT Foxx Scam Comments

JT Foxx posted a public statement to these JT Foxx scam remarks.

“To my haters out there, show me your resume. Show me what you have achieved, how much you do for others. At least I don’t profess to be better than others. At least I work hard, every single day, to make sure I increase my success and the success of my students.”

Some of our recommendations on what to do when you are hated on:
Remove and ignore the negative people around you.
Surround yourself with more thriving people than you.
Accept that with success comes hate.
When they come after you, just smile and disregard them.
Don’t threaten anyone, because attention is what they want.
Only respond when you feel that you need to send a message to the readers, that you don’t take any unfounded crap from anyone.

Life is too short to waste your time focusing on others. Instead, work hard to create your own success. Come join JT at the top, there is still plenty of room for more.

Don’t take our word for it…

Our students and event visitors reacted to the JT Foxx scam comments, so we will let them speak for us.

“The event I attended in Paris gave me so much great, and free value. I honestly don’t understand why people call him a JT Foxx scam, but are happy to pay thousands of dollars on an education, and don’t think that’s a scam. Why would you go after someone who teaches business lessons, and shares business knowledge, for free? You are free to listen to it or not. I just want to encourage anyone reading this to attend one of his events, and make up your own mind, instead of believing third-party opinions. Just because others are unable to learn, or take advice from people who know what they are talking about, doesn’t mean you should let them drag you down with them.”

“After reading the JT Foxx scam posts, I just want to say: are JT Foxx and his coaches smart salespeople? Absolutely. But so are the ones who sell insurance, and holidays. However, nobody goes around calling them a scam. I wouldn’t say that ALL scam allegations are false, but I do believe that most come from people who are jealous, and unable to listen carefully to the small sprint during a speaking event.”

“I noticed that nobody provided any solid evidence to support the JT Foxx scam complaints posted on all these sites. I think that the ones who posted those reviews are just sour grapes and driven by resentment.”

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