JT and his organization are cutting edge

JT and his organization are cutting edge on how to take your business to the next level. They provide you with a wealth of information and insight to enable you to succeed in any endeavor, but most importantly, they build a relationship with you. You become family which is one of the tenets they teach. Treat your clients like they are family. I have never seen any other coaching program, or organization for that matter, who will work with you in achieving your goals. I am able to call my success steward, Keith, any time and discuss anything that I want. He takes the time to speak with me and really listens. The customer service he and JT provides goes beyond anything I have experienced with other organizations. JT and his staff really want to connect with their students and genuinely want them to succeed. With JT’s organization in my corner, I am confident that the vision I have for my future will be achieved because I have an edge over my competition.


I highly recommend JT Foxx’s service to anyone

I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to JT over the past weekend and in all honesty, I have been amazed at how professional he is in both knowledge and appearence.

To have achieved what he has at such a young age is an absolutely massive milestone. I believe in his integrity and his ability to be able to help any person in any business.

He is a wealth of knowledge and I understand why he is classed as one of the best speakers in the world today.

I am now in a position to work with JT in the near future and would highly recommend his service to anyone looking to imporove either their business or personal lives. I am already a better person for having had the pleasure of meeting JT.

JT reached deep into my core and shook my foundation

JT reached deep into my core and shook my foundation. Motivating me to take action in my life personally and in business. The brand I am is my personality and its worth knowing. Raymond helped me understand humility and honesty. Becoming teachable through listening and trusting in a man that reached the top of the mountain.

Phil inspired my partner and I to build our business to over 1000 new customers. Raymond gave a vehicle to reach our clients, we are more than inspired to take our first steps, we are ready to become the “lions” in our jungle.

JT has transformed me

JT has transformed me from a self-employed business owner struggling to keep by business afloat to a successful and strategic entrepreneur who is respected by and connected to clients worldwide.

His incisive coaching and mentoring has made me become more competent in managing my business which in turn, has improved my self confidence.

My energy levels and positive attitude are at an all time high and JT’s coaching has not only set me up financially but also has improved me as a person.

I thoroughly endorse JT as the worlds greatest coach and mentor.

7 months into my coaching program with you and your team

Dear JT,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I’m 7 months into my coaching program with you and your team. At the beginning of the year, I had several ideas, but no clear plan to execute. I now have formed a strong strategic partnership and have purchased 9 buy-fix-sell deals. Three are completed and are now on the market. In the process, I learned how to market, how to network for funding. I’ve raised 4M through partners, and am on track to raise another 5M before the end of the year. We have the deal-flow to support one new deal per week and growing. I’ve also become more focused. I eliminated all the distractions and have focused on driving this single business to the next level. My marketing is clear, simple, and on-message. With your help I broke down the barriers. The networking events in Las Vegas, New York, Toronto and Mega Partnering III all helped me strengthen my relationships. This has opened many doors for me.

Thanks JT.

Let JT transform your life forever

This is a totally unbiased review of JT Foxx Coaching.

If you want your brand to go to the top than you go to JT.

His strategy is unique. JT wont just coach you, he will educate you. His techniques will build and grow your brand to a worldwide audience.
JT puts emotion into his coaching and has the knack of making you totally accountable for your brand and performance of your brand to your clients.

Get focused with your business goals and let JT transform your life forever.

JT’s system is just pure genius

I have been coached by JT for the past year. My background was in coaching football. I had a good skill set for many aspects dealing with Real Estate. I had many fears with not making it as we say. It changed my mind set. He gave me the tools to take action and network with the highest level people in the Real Estate world. I was living in a transactional world. It changed it all – I now think transformational. This change cut out many processes which were holding me back. His system is just pure genius. This system will allow me to keep all my investors happy, creating partners for life. If I could measure my education, mentoring and coaching that I have received, I believe I would be receiving my PhD.

JT Foxx is an excellent coach and speaker

It was a pleasure meeting a young energetic man who inspired me in so many ways in such a short time.

JT is an excellent coach and speaker who is very straight forward and honest, not to mention, the sense of humor.

To me, these are the qualities I appreciate most in humanity.

I believe that anyone can and will succeed by following and listening to JT. He is charasmatic and inspiring when he speaks and makes me go back and get things done. I dont see how it is possible to fail at your goals if you follow what he teaches.

JT’s Focus is on thinking strategically

My husband and I have taken several real estate courses over the past few years and have found that some were better than others, as can be expected; however, the largest difference we found in learning from JT is that his focus is more in teaching us how to think strategically rather than simply learning the mechanics or technical aspects of a business. This is important because there is a certain vulnerability in exposing his own strategic thinking and taking people further into his own personal business models. By doing this, we learn more about negotiations, marketing, branding , delegation, networking and leadership skills. We personally admire this trait in JT because it shows he is not afraid to expose us to more of the psychology of business, and in the end, that is what we need to learn to master.

In addition, JT stresses the importance of loyalty and relationship-building. Others give this topic lip service, but JT is astute and knows who is loyal to his companies and ensures that doesn’t go unnoticed to the client. He has also surrounded himself with people who have complimentary skill sets to keep him on track.

His staff understands customer service. They actually answer the phone and treat you like a friend!